At Granite City Resurfacing LLC., we strive to offer our customers the best product available to give you the new kitchen or bathroom of your dreams at a fraction of the cost and time of a full remodel. By reusing your current countertop or bathtub, you are cutting down on the time and cost of labor that new materials can and do accrue. Not only is the process less expensive, but it is more responsible in that your kitchen or bathroom furnishings will not go to waste, but be brought back to life. By saving you time and money, we can ensure that you will be able to use and enjoy your new room to the fullest extent.

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Recent Projects
Granite City Resurfacing and is your one stop resource for creating a new look for your home.
We specialize in residential home and commercial refinishing and resurfacing.  We have many satisfied customers that have had bathtub refinishing, countertop refinishing, tile refinishing and more done with us. We make sure that the job is completed from beginning to end and that our customers are happy with the quality and craftsmanship throughout.

Allow Granite City Resurfacing and our team to help you create a brand new look for your bathtubs, countertops, tiles and more! Keep your present colors or choose a new color for a fresh look!
By having us do your bathtub refinishing, countertop refinishing and tile refinishing you can get a new look and feel for much less than installing new.
We will also do tub sorround refinishing which usually is done at the same time as a bathtub refinishing.
Choose any Sherwin - Williams colors available.
These are before and after bathtub resurfacing and countertop resurfacing projects. We can repair holes and cracks and have your bathtub, tub sorround, countertops and more looking brand new!
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